Children's Entertainers Association

A Not For Profit Association of Professional Children’s Entertainers

Tips for having a great party


Whilst the task of planning your child’s event should be fun and exciting, the following tips will ensure you cover off some of the serious stuff:


If you are having an entertainer ask them the following questions:


Are they a CENTA member? All current CENTA members have the required insurance, background checks, policies and procedures, training and Code of Conduct required to comply with the Principles of Childsafe Organisations. Ask for their membership number and check there Status here.


If you are engaging a person to work with children in NSW you are legally required to verify their Working with Children Check.
Click here to Check the Check in NSW.


How much space do they need? The kids and some of the adults will need space to sit/stand and the entertainer will need space for their show, face painting table etc.


Do they need anything from you? Sometimes a table and chairs, a reserved spot on the driveway to make unloading equipment easier. Power, water. (Most entertainers will let you know what they need, but it is prudent to check.)


Are there height requirements (for juggling, jumping castle etc)


How is payment organised?


Advise the entertainer if any of the kids have special needs. Autism, ADHD/ADD, allergies or phobias, any physical disabilities or injuries.

(It may seem a daunting task, but the more the entertainer knows, the better they can prepare and the more enjoyable the entertainment will be for everyone.)


Other TIPS


Consider shade for the kids, and perhaps a rug or blankets to sit on.


When inviting the guests, it can be a nice idea to let them know that you have someone entertaining at the party. Some children are afraid of clowns, balloons, loud noises etc. With a bit of notice, the parents can get their child ready for experience.


Photos and Social media. Consider the privacy and security concerns of children and guests when taking photos. It is advisable to discuss posting photos on social media with the parents/carers of the children involved.


The best way to ensure you have the information you need when organising a kid’s party, is to ask the questions on the invitation.

My Underpants Rule. A book to read to your kids on ways to stay safe.