Discounts on equipment and props, insurance, accounting and legal services.

We have teamed up with magic, juggling and costume suppliers and accounting and legal firms across Australia who will offer discounted rates to association members.

Links to working with children checks Australia wide.

A different working with children check is required in each state or territory in Australia. We have links to all the government websites for easy online applications.

Support in conflict resolution.

Members will have the weight and support of their association behind them when going into dispute resolution negotiations. Contact us if you have a problem.

Our members are kept up to date with any changes to legislation and tax laws relevant to our industry.

We will post info on industry news and information, education and training opportunities, accreditation and awards programs, networking opportunities, workplace relations advice, and marketing and promotion ideas.

Grants and special funding

If you have an idea for a special project that would benefit the community, you have the opportunity to apply for funding in the form of a grant from us. Contact us for a Grant Application form.

Advertising and Publicity

You will have the option to upload your blog on our database for marketing and publicity.

Not for profit

All funds generated through membership, sponsorship and advertising is used to administer the association and is returned to the members through discounts, services and grants for special community projects.