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I’m Dave. I have juggled and done magic tricks for heaps of kids like you. I’m also a Dad with four grown up kids of my own.


As a kid, you may sometimes feel you don’t have control over things in your life. Moving house, having to go to school, brushing your teeth…… that sort of stuff.


There are things that you do have control over. You have to feel safe and protected. You have to be listened to if you have a problem. You have to have control over what happens to your body.


If you are worried, sad, hurt, lonely or scared it is the best thing to tell an adult that you trust.


Here is a phone number you can ring, and a friendly person will listen to you.


The kids helpline is 1800 55 1800.


It is free to ring them.  You can also visit them.


Kids Help Line


Here are some other places to visit to learn more about being safe.


What does children’s rights report 2017 say?


If you are feeling unsafe or in danger ring the Police on 000.