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Social media use is a growing phenomenon in contemporary society. Social media platforms offer their users an easy way to access and develop networks of friends, family and relevant professionals. Online communities of interest can be found to suit the interests of almost anyone. Social media platforms are increasingly used by many as a means of communication, sharing information and the sharing of attitudes and behaviours on a huge breadth of topics.

In recent years the number of people engaging with social media has exploded. Social media platforms are now utilised as key locations for networking, socialising and importantly, for reflecting on all aspects of everyday life. Such online spaces therefore hold vast quantities of naturally-occurring data on any number of topics, from consumer behaviours, to attitudes towards pro-environmental policies, to political views and preferences.

One of which is our practices of social networking which is largely shifting to the internet causing a lot of ethical issues which were not faced before these online social networking practices. In this inroductory course, first of all there is a brief description of the background and basic knowledge, second thing to be discussed is the Ethical dilemmas in online social networking which are being faced these days. There will be a section covering the issues related to the impact of unethical usage of online social networks in business industry.

References of this course:

-Social Media Research: A Guide to Ethics – Dr. Leanne Townsend and Prof. Claire Wallace -The University of Aberdeen

-Australian Government Office of the eSafety Commissioner