Becoming compliant

Big changes are coming for Children’s Entertainers.


The Principles of Childsafe Organisations have been drafted and endorsed by all States and Territories across Australia. These principles ensure that an organisation has a culture and commitment to protecting children and young people from abuse.

Organisations are large or small. From sporting clubs to a sole trader face painter.

If you are a kid’s entertainer or activity supervisor (jumping castles, laser tag etc) you are affected by these changes.

It is not enough to have a working with children check and a bag of tricks to be a children’s entertainer.

You need to have, and understand, the following:

Complaints handling policy and procedure

A Child safety and well being Policy

A Child safety good practice guide

An information sharing protocol

Staff, volunteer and third party (sub contractors) Code of Conduct

A Risk Management Strategy

Record keeping policy

Equity and Diversity policy

Child friendly information on support available to children and the complaints process

Set selection criteria for staff, volunteers and sub contractors

Also, you will need to provide and partake in regular training to keep yourself and others in your organisation up to date with the requirements.

We have developed the required policies and procedures, and have designed online workshops to assist our members become compliant.

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